Blackbirds at Ballinamuck Sing in The Trees

Edenmore Bog looking to Arvagh in Cavan
Edenmore Bog looking to Arvagh in Cavan

The blackbirds at Ballinamuck sing among the trees
Where the rebels, prone, were slain,
English cavalry chased through where horses could run
To kill the walking wounded who remain.

It was Irelands ‘Field of Blackbirds’,
Inspiring folk to fight to this day and for coming days…
Both sides look back with awe, and fear;
Curse their enemies, they for their own prays.

The battle lost, but in the mind,
The Battle it was not lost…
It kept the fire of struggle still in the heart:
And THAT was worth the cost.

I have not walked in Kosovo yet:
I will some day the travels urge to please…
I remember both who died who are remembered,
As the blackbords sing in the trees.

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