Black Swan on the Claddagh

Black Swan on the Claddagh
Black Swan on the Claddagh

The black swan still swims on the Claddagh, showing example to our people as times of heightened tensions have seen attacks on the local mosque a few days after the London attacks, and a rise in racist graffiti in Galway

Black Swan on the Claddagh, not native to here
Its here a few weeks since it first did appear
Its in from Australia, no one knows how
It got to the Claddagh where it swims now.

Maybe it came by Quantas, we do not know
Or stowawayed in a ship that over oceans did go
How ever it came here its doing all right
It swims without bother among the local swans, all white.

If only us humans could be like the swan
The hatred, the hassle, the horrible attitudes gone!
This is the world for which most of us yearn
Alas its the case few of us ever learn.

As the swans swim together under the Wolfe Tone bridge above
Showing the nature of nature is peace and is love
Alas on the bridge walls is the sad sorry site
Of racists logos and slogans that some fool did write.

Mosque attacked by stones as the faithful worshipped inside
– Without issue both black and white swans swim in the tide –
Two sides of Galway, two sides of today…
Lets hope that tomorrow we live the swans way!

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