Bitter Bards Begrudgery

into the open of the war
between those who, exam day,
remembered and wrote down
what the teacher told them
and those who escaped
to smoke cigarettes,
(or at least stood there
seriously considering it) around
the back of the bike shed.

~ Kevin Higgins

Begrudges, some bitter bards
Rue a lost life, how its so hard
Rue others who their principles sold
Made from hard work and ideas gold…

Should a Soviet Ireland ever be
Who would make it work? the latter he
Would work twice as hard to innovate
The former still would skulk outside the gate.

I’m no admirer of the element who begrudge the hard work of other when it makes a success. Mark Little made a Facebook for the journalist world, and all while keeping down the day job. Before selling out to Murdoch, who I’m no fan of, he built it from the ground up.
Selling out to capitalism is a funny thing to fault Little on, as the aforementioned Mr Higgins makes his living from doing college courses, for money of course, so he too is capitalist. Its just that Higgins makes a little in comparison to Little, who made a lot, in direct comparison to the value of each project.
No matter how bad ones circumstances, if you work hard enough, you can get ahead. The working class anger is not something I identify with, and the only reason I’m not farther ahead now, I freely admit, is, I’m a lazy git and quite happy where I am.
The one on one value of college work, as in any sort of teaching, is beyond money, so its nets little. The value of the network Storify is reflective of the money it makes, the service it provides, as a story is good, but a verifiable one ten times as good, and cuts down libel. Mr Higgins lament is here

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