Beyond the Crest of the Hill

We know little of what is around the bend, and nothing of what is over the hill on the journey of life... just that we must keep on going...
We know little of what is around the bend, and nothing of what is over the hill on the journey of life… just that we must keep on going…

Genes current battle is a struggle for him and Margo as it is for all couples who go through this, or who may in times to come, and this is written for them. The swamplands are a euphenism the illness and the battle against it.. its a bit long winded the verse, but I hope they get some comfort and strength from it

We walk the long hard roads of life
Most of which is not even tarred
We wade through the mucky gaps we meet
Do not even notice that its hard
Each milestone in life that we meet
Is us cresting another hill
From the depths of the valleys we find
An instinct to supplement the will

Along we way we meet somewhere
Someone else who walks alone
We decide, the beauty of life to do – that we
Shall walk a path together , not on our own
We pull each other up upon lifes ditches
We dry and wipe each others tears
We shout encouragement when cowardice strikes
When our feet freeze from our fears.

We berate each others shortcomings
When we complain of the heat or the wind or the cold
We long for the rest of the green meadows
We are promised to walk when we are old.
But sometimes – and oh, so often –
When we breach another hills crest
We find the ground that we have found
Is much more treacherous than the rest.

We cant go back, we must go forward
Be careful with every step we take
Thats when we most need each other
Thats when good journeyfolk we make.
Its in these swamps and steeps shale slopes
Where we skid and hit against rocks
We value the journey and the companion
That give us the strength to endure the shocks.

So fear not to enter the marshland before you
Step slow and sure in the bog
Your companion beside you will guide you
Together you find a safe path in the fog.
The way forward will be slow and will test you
But there is another dry back across there
Here in the trials of the swamplands
You shall find the value of prayer.

Whether to God, or to Bhudda or Kirshna
Or to an unknown entity, call it blind faith
Through meditation or through dedication
Each step is a pilgrimage you make.
So, step into those swamplands together
Roar “bring it on!” as the fog swirls around
Enjoy every sure step taken as its own victory
In your trials your peace you will have found!

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