Being the Embarrassing Relations

Up from the Country
Up from the Country

Embarrassing relations – we all have them !
You put them upstairs, or in a back room
So they are not seen, or heard to speak
As they do not fit your image.

Some, do not enter by the front door.
They get access to the back… the access others do not have.

We were the embarrassing relations.

Too many showed up, not that they were getting to the front door anyway.
But some bright spark told us to go back to where we came.
We did not go.

We went to the back door as requested. But the back door is boring, so we left.

The Embarrassing Relations
The Embarrassing Relations

And stopped by the front door.
But the gate was locked.
The guard dogs kept barking.
They would not eat our biscuits. Or crisps. Or anything.

Though when most of us went home, they started to wag their tails a little.

Some got out, and up the street growled and acted menacingly.

Some folk said they should be put down… they are a menace to society.

While they stopped us going in the front door, the burglars returned.

And the telly, the washing machine that were left at the last robbery, were taken this time.

But at least our German neighbors did not see the embarrassing relations getting to the front door.

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