Bar Drunks and the Bards

Bards of today, heckled, by the critical ear
That drinking, poetry does not want to hear
Cant handle poetry, that they know
Cant handle drink, that they show
The empty buckets rattle loud
Seeks the common ear of the rattled crowd
Failing to find, are not aware
They alone are the only fool there
That calls the bards fools who read each line
Strange, as the bar is the idiots shrine,
Not the banqueting hall of the kings
To which this night some culture brings.

We have a monthly event in Tullamore, the “Scene of the Rhyme”, and this month and last month was disturbed by a couple of drunks, who took from the enjoyment for most of the rest, alas… so this satire is dedicated to them, who must realise there being no more kings, the bar room is as much for the bards as for the drinkers!

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