Provinces three by waters banks
By war and history defined
Men with quill drawing maps
Each side to each outlined.
Breiffne split between O Reilly and O Rourke
Owned not by either but by the Crown
Who in time by rebellion and bloodshed
Had their banners and flags torn down.
Today, a sleepy village, I walk
The latest of my family there
Famed in family lore for the ructions
At every May Day fair.
I may make it for May Day this year,
If I will I do not know…
Continue a tradition of my father
Where he met friends and foes all those years ago.

ArvaghThoughts in verse after walking to Arvagh a few ears ago. “Fair Day in Arvagh” and “May Day in Arvagh” were sayings dad used to have for a riotous situation!

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