Are the Fairies Against the Fair?

Banaghers Garda Seargent

The locals they were wondering
They were trying to make sense
Why the Sergeant wants to stop Banagher Fair
Or away in a field it fence…
Which as with Lammas in the North
Which for centuries on the street was there
They stuck it in a car park of late
That has nearly killed off that fair…

“You must have pissed off the fairies”
One wag did decree
And if we did, the horse traders wondered
How could that at all be
Sure we always got along over the years
And we had no trouble with the fair until
The new Sargent took up his post in town
Looked over by the Fairy Fort on Keeraun Hill

Keeraun Hill, near Banagher in Co. Offaly, Ireland Photo: Tomás Ó Cárthaigh (c) 2012
Keeraun Hill, near Banagher in Co. Offaly, Ireland
Photo: Tomás Ó Cárthaigh (c) 2012

Now the iron mast has been upon it
For in excess of twenty years
So, though they prefer wood over iron
That that is not the cause it appears
Though some say the sergeant could be a changling
Though to imagine such is hard
The truth must be acknowledged
No where else is a horse fair opposed by a guard!

So we drank off, still baffled, and wonder
But the more of it we talked
The more we drank the more it made sense
And at the affronterty we balked
Sure arn’t leprechauns the trickers
They tell you stuff that at all is not true
Like the guards who told visitors the Fair was canceled
Though that it was in full swing all knew?

So there might be some truth to the story
Fairies love to trick and deceive
Though it truth it sounds foolish in sobriety
So we must drink more to believe
But the truth is stranger than fiction
Silly this idea we call
It makes more sense than reality
Which makes no sense at all…

So we will meet you in September
In Houghs pub, Or Corrigans, or Simons Bar
We will debate forth and back the argument
If the Wee Folk is what our local cops are…
What can we do to make them cop on
Is there someone we can ask to tell
That knows the old ways of dealing with this
That can break from these fools the spell!

For they are not fairies themselves is the consensus
Of the folk at the bar badly drunk by now
But they have been enchanted
By someone we don’t know, or how
We think we may have to seize them
Have them exorcised by a priest
Or get some Holy Water sprinkled on them
By Fr Pierre at the very least…

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