Another Name Among Many – William Gannon

Bullet in his neck borne, a distraught soldier sought
For a brother shot – another dead in battles roar
The voice, a tenor so fine, no more will be heard
And the world, long after, it went on as before

His son, in his time, he would march uniformed in ranks
And wield firearms, brave fire, as did his father before
Who lost his brother, took a bullet to the neck
So that such wars would be fought no more.

Just a name among many, a story now told
To a listening few, getting fewer by year
As all men must die, there are too many war stories
Of fact and of fiction to cause shedding of a tear.

Young today are not fazed by stories of brutality
Its a fact of life, life that’s like a video game
As it was to the generals whose plans led to slaughter
Who sought glory, medals: knew little compassion or shame.


I seen a post looking for details of the soldier above, and its replies, and wrote the poem in response to the story…

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