America Finds Its Voice Again

Enough rope given will cause the man
To hang, who is greedy for rope –
Such given caused a coup, impeachment
Concession, and a nations hope
Protesters dead – a policeman too –
But when they reached the House Floor
The Capitol Rioters looked bewildered
Who were so angry before.
Their icon, self claimed shaman, was a hippy
The farthest from a Klansman one could get
Which goes to show hate can change its robes
May evolve some more yet.
A poet she wrote, found it hard to write
For the biggest reading of her life live
The words did not come as is often the case
But the coup caused the emotions to tumble and thrive
The world looked on in wonder –
How in America could this be
A coup and an impeachment
Live on each TV
The instillation and the poem of hope
That to the world was read
Expressed the thoughts and hopes and dreams
In each word Amanda said.

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