Aideens Grave

"Aideens Grave" - Dolmen at Howth
“Aideens Grave” – Dolmen at Howth

Raised by hands, set there in perfection
The dead honoured, stones perfect placed
Ash and bones, placed in affection
Of the dead, never to be displaced…
But time, maybe mankind, which we know not
Twisting, the capstone came crashing down!
Strong stone construction, as if did rot
From within, the tomb it lost its crown!
Caused the supporting stones to give…
All to lie today in a tangled heap.
Spirits still among stones still live
Safe the dead’s memory stones keep!
Us, walking for them say prayers silent
Each to our own Gods as them we know
Time, life, quiet, peaceful or violent
All meet our end, and to earth we go.


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