Abortions for Kittens

"Gizmo" - one of our Aristo-Cats in Renmore!
“Gizmo” – one of our Aristo-Cats in Renmore!

Verse needs  rounding off better as I was unaware of “speying while pregnant”, which literally is abortions for kittens… I appended a verse to reflect this but need to alter it… even when the uterus (womb) is not removed, the procedure is something a cat owner would baulk at, but abortion providers and supporters want us to promote for humans as if its nothing at all…

The cats frolic and play in the garden
So many we now have lost count
We think in time there may be more
As brazenly each other they mount.

There was Gizmo and Treczczi
The names of others I forget
The few strays who stayed a few days
The others that I never met.

And then one, she had her kittens
In total, in cats we had ten
We loved them all more than the landlady
But we knew we reached our limit then.

What will we do if there are many more?
We cant afford to get the vet to put them down
We hate cruelty to animals, but have no option
In a bucket them we may have to drown.

In a moment of madness or inspiration
– as all Eureka moments be –
I came across an idea
When the topic was discussed by the cats owners and me

Well, why cant we have abortions for kittens
That the trendy left want for humans to bring in
For there are too many on the planet
And to have any more is a sin.

I mean, unborn kittens are not real cats
They are but lumps of flesh, parasites on their mum
Who’d get over the trauma in time we are sure
That she was shagging no one would know and we could keep schtum!

But the animal rights crew would be appealed at the suggestion
To be a mother was the mother cats right
The pain and the shock that she would go through
The aborted kittens would be a horrible sight!

If its good enough for humans I thought in my moment of madness
Though I think that its not – but lets not talk of that! –
I cant see why thinking cats as good as humans
Why its not good enough for the family cat!

Have I thought up of a way to make my fortune?
Will I be by the Catholic Church be condemned
Or have I shown what we would not do to a cat we do to our own
Flying as pro life left in the face of the popular trend?

But then I was told of speying while pregnant
Saw they were subject to that savagery as well
How low can humanity stoop I wonder
Only time and history will tell…

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