A Tale of Two Wolves

The Germans a story tell
American natives tell one like it as well
Of two wolves that in us dwell
In each and every man
That howl to the sky of our soul
An in our lives each play a role
In their own way make mankind whole
Have done so since time began

One causes within us hate
Laziness, makes a man irate
Wants, without effort to gain, compensate
The quick pound without work
The good fortune of others to begrudge
To talk of others, and about them to others wink and nudge
When seeing the infirm, from our seats to refuse to budge
And share with our kind a smug smirk.

The other brings out the best in a man
A man who strives hard to work when he can
His boss on him can rely, with him can plan
And of his boss he has not a bad word.
For others good fortune he is glad
Of their misfortune he is sad
He gives his seat, all all that he had
And not an ounce of regret in his heart stirred.

Which one, one asks, dominates our soul?
Which one rules, which makes us cruel or whole
Which beast of each man has control
Of his mood, his thought and deed?
The truth of it let me tell
The Germans say, and the Native Americans as well
The wolf that dominates us over us has no spell…
It is whichever one we feed!

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