A Spirit Stands, Unheard, Unseen

A spirit stands, unheard unseen
Watching over those he’s left behind,
As on their knees their prayers they say
With him upon their mind…

In Belgium’s fields far far away
In uniform he went to fight
The war of the old enemy
So that to be free his nation might…

And in his land long past the day
When his blood was shed
Forgotten will be his sacrifice
Listed among Britain’s dead…

For countrymen in Dublin town
In Rebellion lit a nations flame
Though failed: in long run would succeed
And to the soldiers were brought shame…

For they fought not for their own land
Though o do so, they did answer the call
By leaders bad who tried to appease
England: and saw their sons in thousands fall.

The family in time of his death were told
And of him they were proud
And for generations after he’d silently watch
How his memory was not allowed

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