A Holy Book Proves No Shield

Not even the Bible can be a shield against a swinging sword
Not even the Bible can be a shield against a swinging sword

The death of Mahon, the King, who set a little too much faith in the Bible for protection! An old verse of mine republished on the site.

A Holy Book it is no shield
To those intent its bearer to kill
Such a man should always carry a shield
And the words of the book his heart should fill
And fight he strong when on the hour
He is compelled to hold the sword
Let his eye be keen in the the fight
And at deaths breath the Holy Word

For once Mahon, a king of Eireann went
A brother of the oft times famed Brian Boru
To meet a rival, guaranteed by a Bishops word
Only by Molloy, Bran of Desmond’s son: to be slew
When on him by brigands was drawn the sword
Stunned, to protect himself he made a stand
And rose to chest level the Holy Book
A copy that was written by St. Barre’s hand.

But to a brigand a book is but paper
And he done what he set out to do
And slayed the noble king holding the Word of God
By driving his sword right through
And the vellum was stained with the kings blood
As were His garments on the cross
And little was the rivals gain
And great it was Ireland’s loss.

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