A Crazy Week – Scottish Turkeys Vote for Christmas – Culture Week – Stink Kicked Up Over Banagher Fair – Blog

Its been a crazy week, a stink has been kicked up over the shit that was raised that led to a man been cautioned for selling HENS (yes, that DOES beat banagher!) on the streets of Banagher during the fair, Scotland acted like a turkey voting for Christmas, and opted to STAY in the United Kingdom, but on a positive note I got a lot of verses out of both issues, and shred them far and wide on Culture Night with Tullamore Rhymers Club!

Birr >>>

Chocoalte BrownWe started off on scedule in Birr at Hannas Garden, a unique coffee shop that would be loved on the Tiny House Movement, where we read to the owners, some passing birds and other wildlife! Its a gem of a spot, but we arrived during the quiet period.

For the second year in a rown, we visited our friends then in the Birr Castle Coffee Shop, where we read to an appreciative audience…

Hannas Garden in Birr
Hannas Garden in Birr

Tullamore >>>

We then arrived in Chocolate Browne, who have always been big supporters of Tullamore Rhymers Club, before heading to Hair by Design for an intimate reading to the staff and a lone client!

Mountmellick >>>

By invitation to Poetry Without Pressure in Mountmellick, we arrived en force to an event on its maiden outing where it got a good response in The Druid pub.

Other Events >>>

In addition to those, the club, sometimes sans moi, done support for  a CD launch in aid of Riada House, a launch for the Tullamore Dew centre and also held Scene of the Rhyme as part of the Foundation 14 festival in the town!

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