A Cat and I

Next door to our house in Banagher was McIntyre (then it was Deanes), and one of their cats was up a tree when I walked under it. I was around fifteen or sixteen at the time, and wrote this poem afterwards. Its one of my favourites…

This is one of mine from years back, the early 90’s… included in a book I done with Lulu…

"Gizmo" - one of our Aristo-Cats in Renmore!
“Gizmo” – one of our Aristo-Cats in Renmore!

I saw a cat high up a tree
I looked at her, she looked at me
With such a gaze as if to say
“Why is it you look at me that way?”

I moved not, as not did she
And, at each other, we
Kept looking… staring eye to eye
She from fear… me? I know not why!

At last I slowly moved away
To leave her at peace to hunt for prey
Animals are strange, sometimes people claim
Perhaps about us could be said the same

For with her little brains, we admire puss…
And yet, for all of ours, she dont admire us!

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