2015 Siobhan English Horse Fair Calender, Tara Calling book, and Blackwater Poetry tribute anthology – some projects Hot Off of the Presses

From a calender of horses, to an anthology on the passing of a writer, and a book to save Tara, the writings of Tomás Ó Cárthaigh are cropping up all over the place, be that a good thing or not… read on!

Keeping Time in 2015 – Siobhan English calender

She is an equine photographer well known in the world of horses and those who love horses and photography. A photojournalist for many years now, her annual calender for 2015 for “Horse Fairs of Ireland” is ow out at a cost of €10 & p+p, details are on Facebook and her website.

Under a more acceptable title, is my verse on the fiasco of the Banagher Fair, “Long May Horses … the Streets“, has been included, a welcome addition to the campaign to save Banagher Fair.

Tara Calling – Carmel Diviney’s new book on Tara

Tara Calling - Carmel Diviney
Tara Calling – Carmel Diviney
For those with an interest in Irish Heritage, and the saving of same, the hot issue of the treatment of our ancient sites will be familiar, and to the forefront of that campaign among others is the name of Carmel Diviney. Carmel has been working on site and on line tirelessly for the protection, reversal of damage to, and the prevention of new damage to various sites across Ireland, from the Four Knocks to the most high profile campaign at Tara.

Along with the energy she puts into these projects, she has produced a new book “Tara Calling. The Desecration of a Sacred Landscape“, to which I had the privilege of contributing along with artists and activists such as Pauline Bleach, Brenda Ferris, Heather Buchannan, Joe Fenwick, John Walsh, Lucy Dolan, Bard na Mara, Maggie Ronayne, John Farrelly, Roibeard Mac Giolla Rua, Derek Berrill, Kevin O’ Faoláinn, Alexis Gilbride, Kathy Sinnott MEP, Kieran Ely O’Carroll, Amy Marcella Martin, Sean Ryan, John Willmott, Paula Geraghty, Terri Murray, Joe Percival, Gary Dunne, Ellen Evert Hopman, Charles Burgess, Kirk Lawless, Bridget kleyn Winkel, Dearbhaile Bradley, Xyap Yap, Kyrie Murray, K. Wren, Johnny Walsh, Dinny Wheeler, Fred Lezzeiro, Michael Canney, Chris Murray, Lisa Dunne, Activist Trauma.net, Earth First Journal, Rossport Solidarity Camp…

Where to purchase? Dont have a (Facebook page) purchase information just yet, but info is here… Launch date is provisionally November 8th, keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates.

Ted Browne Anthology forthcoming from Blackwater Poets

The Day The Mirror Called” is the new book forthcoming from the Blackwater Poets, a tribute to Ted Browne who passed away lately. An anthology of poetry from the Blackwater Poetry group, showing death from all its angels, its bitter tears of grief shed now, and to be shed later “when you are alone at last” and “everyone has gone”, to the bittersweet way of looking at death as observed by another writer, who calls it “Change of Address”.

Gene Barry – who brought the anthology together – sums its up in similar fashion, giving the comforting musing that the desceased is not the coffin they gaze at in tears, but is above, pain free, proudly showing the loved ones at his funeral to those others already passed, a beautiful way of thinking of those gone before us.

In excess of 50 poems, in 72 pages, that will leave the reader tearful, smiling, sorrowful and hopeful, in a tribute to Heather and her beloved desceased husband Ted. A fine tribute to this fine writer.

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