Who Has a Welcome From All At Banagher Horse Fair?

Two of the main offenders harrassing visitors to the Banagher Fair a few years back, according to complaints received by supporters of the Banagher Horse Fair.
Two of the main offenders harrassing visitors to the Banagher Fair a few years back, according to complaints received by supporters of the Banagher Horse Fair.

There went out the question from one who was not yet there
About the month of September and the Banagher Horse Fair
As to who was welcome among the horse loving crowd
As strange stories went round some said folk were not allowed.

The arrived at a barrier manned by a guard
With Customes men and Argi inspecters and lads looking official and hard
It was confirmed it was said there was a fair there that day
But they were told it was not happening and to go away.

Now, one behalf of the people of this town of reknown
Where by charters, not one but two issued by the Crown
Back in the day, let me clear on behalf of the majority let me state
The welcome for all in Banagher at the Horse Fair is great.

To spite the huffs and the puffs of the dragons in power
Who are normally OK, but at this time of year turn into a right shower
And at risk of turning this verse and its language to a deep shade of blue
The shower of whats we think these chaps become I leave the imagination up to you!

If you have a horse or a pony, or even a goat
If you are from Athlone, or Limerick or Moate
If you have a few hens to sell on the street
Theres a welcome for you from all that you meet.

If you have an empty trailer and have cash to spend
To add to your herd of horses and come for that end
We hope you will find a good horse that will bring you profit and joy
That you meet and chat will all the fair goers and the day you enjoy!

If you dont have room for a horse, or this year are broke
So you come for the atmosphere of which so many have spoke
We hope to meet you as you admire the happy animals who on the street stand
Let your kids pet the nice ponies with a gentle hand.

But if you come in a uniform, regardless of Department your from
Who never at any other time to our town have reason to come
Bar to intimidate and misinform visitors and blockade our fair
For you and your ilk no welcome is there!

How dare you profit on taxpayers money claiming overtime
Where there is a shortage of cops to fight real crime
Arrayed with your traffic cones to annoy taxpaying horse dealers
Ignoring bank frauds, house burglars and copper stealers!

You didn’t win with the water protesters, nor on Clonmoylan Bog too
There the people united and protected each other and got the better of bullies like you
So YOU are not welcome if you come to harass and spoil our fun
Its our day of the year and we only have one.

If you come in uniform traffic to direct
Help prevent fights and innocent folk to protect
You know, the normal duties a police man has to do…
THEN and only then is there welcome for you.

Dont tell our visitors who traveled from far
That the fair is not on when it is, and they traveled by lorry and car
Why not bring the Mounted Unit, and patrol the streets there
Instead of stopping our tradition, be PART of the Fair?

So we hope for all those who have questions to ask
That I in my humble verse have stood up to the task…
Come and meet the locals and visitors, friends old and new meet
Where the fair was, is and shall be, on Banaghers Main Street!!!

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