Veil Through Which We All Pass

Recently a friend of mine passed, Victor Mather, who I knew from a world beyond politics, in which he was very active opposing water charges and banks evicting homeowners here in Ireland. As I wrote of another who passed. Enda now has another enemy less, but beyond the veil among the brethern of Angels or whatever is there in the great mystery beyond life itself that awaits us all, there he rests and waits for us who all follow in our own time. A pleasure to have known him. R.I.P.

Veils of Life

The veil though which we all pass
These red leafed times, is at its thinnest, some say
Those who pass through still walk with us
As we mourn their passing and pray.

Life lets us drift into and out of each others lives
Unveil a path among the violets, walk with us some of the way, then part
Mentioned every so often is passing, when we hear they passed
It brings a stop to thought, a thump to heart.

Scarlet faced, tearful, we know not the day or the hour…
Cliche from the Good Book: yet so, so true
But we pass paths when God needs them to walk into another’s
So, let is be glad that that person once we knew.

Veil of white, the last of life
We shall all pass when our time has come
Let us be sure we know the words of our prayer
That shows the ways of the roads we arrived from.

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