The Woman Behind the Veil

She hides behind it as if ashamed
Of the God given beauty she bears
And at other women without it
She in disdain stares

For men are weak, or so its said
And lead them astray it might
So to thwart sin and stay holy
Women keep their beauty out of sight…

And we in the west, look, don’t understand
Offended by it we feel
Hold the women are as prisoners kept
When their face they behind veils conceal

The western woman, she wars no veil
But proudly shows her face
And paints it with make up and powders
And goes all over the place

But without make up will she be seen?
Holy horrors, no no no!
She must be painted to look her best
Before among others she will go.

She wears the veil of makeup
Donned by the selfish urge of pride
To please men: and is as much a prisoner
As any Muslim who her face behind veils does hide.

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