Merlin Woods: Christmas Morning

I did not join they praying crowds
In man built temples made of stone
I did not go to pray as such
Where I went walking on my own
In Merlin Woods where each step
Echod like a thunderclap
Breaking a crytal skin of ice over each pebble and twig
With each step with a snap.

Angels flew overhead in the sky…
Well magpies did anyway
A chorus of other birds sang natures hymns
Other’s responded from far away.
Birds are the angels of natures heaven
Singing their songs of praise
Not understood my mortal man
Ignorant in his knowledge and his busy day’s.

I offered no prayers to the Christ child
Lit no candles at no cribs and mangers
I walked where God made and lives
Where the pious are often strangers.
That was my worship Christmas morning
Among the trees in Merlin Wood
There was no clergy or congregation
And the worship was just as good!

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