Give to Me an Angry Sea

Give to me an angry sea
When I am old, not strong like now
And at my happiest I will be
Should life, that pleasure to me allow
That I can, upon my lips
Taste the salt of a thundering spray
That breaks rocks, and tosses ships
Who for their safety others pray…

And I though old, for past my prime
Unlike as I write today being young
Shall recall today, an earlier time
When I tasted sea salt upon the tongue
Walking the seafront at Porto Torres town
A rioting wave roared as it broke
The black black sky looked down
A wild wild wind of horrors spoke…

I – wrapped up against the storm well –
Enjoyed it, as if it were the sun
And wrote of it, verses to tell
Of when one night, a storm had its fun
And thought, I, when I am old
I hope the grace of God gives to me
The health to enjoy it, to be bold
To walk with a wild and angry sea…

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