Burning Zeal Rekindles the Flame of Faith

Mary Elizabeth with her husband Peter Paul Smith
Mary Elizabeth and Peter Paul Smith

Every so often as a writer I get asked to write a tribute piece for someone about someone who is important to them. I love doing this as it celebrates the ordinary people, the real heroes of the world the meek who will “inherit the earth”. This is one such person, who would be 100 if alive today, raised a large family without modern conveniences without complaint when today we have more modern conveniences and smaller families yet cannot see a way through life’s crises. Commissioned by her daughter Sr. Mary Carmel Smith.

Spirit of the Flame found among the ashes
From despair in the hearts of men
Comes faith – like gold tried by fire
Anew from trial it blazes again…

Her kind: they are the humble of heart
Faith filled, honest, upright, true
She taught hers what she was taught
To act, to speak, to be and do

The Bread of Life at Daily Mass
Spiritual food for the day ahead
In wholehearted service to all
Walked the darkest valleys unafraid.

Stones reassembled, the grateful gather anew
To celebrate their trials and joys
Faith renewed, rekindled, dawn breaks again
Faith’s fire fear and folly destroys.

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