Another Enemy Less For Enda – Trevor Murtagh Tribute, R.I.P.

Enda’s taking them down, one by one, on behalf of the EU and the Banks
His cronies get commissioners jobs: Merkels way of saying thanks,
In a world that makes no sense at all, where justice does not exist
Each theory appears as truth, as truth is unknown, and missed.

Whatever we think of what folk believ, we respect them, for they cared
If all cared as much as they did, of our nations trials we’d be spared
Now family and friends are grieving for a young man passed that I never knew
Being decent, in our own way, we who only hear of his death are grieving too.

Trevor Murtagh, an activist against austerity and the dictatorship of the banks, has passed away. A fun loving guy, he by all accounts had a heart of gold who helped all he could meet. I would not have agreed with all he believed in was the cause of our problems, or even some of the ways to solve them, but his sincerity is never in doubt from what I read of him. I just read of his passing, apparently at his own hand having given up hope.

I hope Enda is happy tonight that he has another enemy less. Condolences to this young mans family and friends.

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