A listing of publishing in print and online media of works of Tomás with links to the works on this site, or at the online site of publication, over the past few years.

2020 – May 30
Beachcomber magazine – Online – The Irish Folklore of The Celtic Merrow, featuring the verse “Catch of the Merrow

2017 – October
The Galway Eye – Online – Slavery and the Galway Connection

Longford Eye
A series of articles in a local free monthly magazine… click here >>>

The Banagher Review
Articles and poems from 2013 – 2015 in village annual publication.

2014 – October

Blackwater Poets Anthology – Print – The Day The Mirror Called (Buy)
Siobhan English Calender
Print – “Long May Horses

2014 – September

Whisper n Thunder – Online – “All My Relations in Creation”
People Are Amazing – Online – “Give to Me an Angry Sea
EOISABI Journal online – “Woman Behind the Veil

2013 – December
Emerald Reflections magazine, of the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin – Print – Scenes of Irish Christmas in Poem, quoting the verse “Wren Sleeps Soundly This Christmas

2013 February

Morroco World NewsLovers at the Lake of Tears

Midland Tribune, (Ireland) (print)
Poetry article featuring poem “Lettera D’Amore

“Under the Fading Lamp” (Ireland) Tullamore Rhymers Club Chapbook (print)
Poem: “Lettera D’Amore

2013 – January
O’Donoghue Society Journal – ISSUE 53: JANUARY 2013
Old Clonbroney and death messengers”

Men in the Company of WomenPrint (Anthology)


World Healing, World Peace 2012: a Poetry Anthology : Vol I
(Inner Child Press – USA) – Buy at Amazon

Whisper n Thunder, (USA) (online)
Native American cultural website
Article: “Snakes all Around Us
Poem: “Snakes all Around Us

Poetry Bus 3 (Ireland)
Poetry Magazine
Haiku “Swallow on a Wire”

Danse Macabre ISSN 2152-4580 (Online)
~ A Kind of Madness | The Muses Cafe | Address to my Feathered Friend |

2011 – December

Diogen – (Online, Print / Bosnia) –
A City Slowly Comes to Life” / “Grad Polako Biva Sve življi
“All Gone Home” | Three Men Dead

14 Oct 2011
UN Poems for Peace (Online)


Poets Express CD Audio CD
Poem reading “Little Bird

May 8th 2010
World Poets Quarterly Vol 58, (Print / China) Out They Came

January 19, 2010

March 15th, 2010

April 12th, 2010

October 16, 2010

2009 – November

“Horses” – Rachel MetzgerA Horse Is A Horse

World Poets Quarterly Volume 56 (Print / China) ~ Born of Loneliness Are the Arts

2007 – September

Words from Across the World (Anthology) – Print – ISBN    9781424329427


“”Writings in Rhyme””
Book, print & PDF
Self published (Cartyweb via Lulu)

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