Willie Rimes Goes to Belfast to Protest at the Parades

Willie Rimes is just back from Belfast, his eyes both black and blue
His nose is broken, the whites of his eyes a reddish hue
His left arm is in a sling, he is walking slow with a limp
He’s grand according to himself, not wanting to sound a wimp…

Orange Order protest in Belfast
Willie went to meet his lost brothers – he was adapted, didnt you know?
When his mother got into triple trouble a long long time ago
Babies adapted by Rhymes’s and Reemses, our Willie by Rimes,
Brothers named Wullie and Billy, they’re confused sometimes
The first our Willie heard of them was in a websites email
He said he would go to meet them in July without a fail
When he heard they were into protesting, he replied he was as well
When he thought he’d reached heaven he found he walked right into hell…

He wore his best Offaly top, and Manchester United cap,
A Green Brigade Celtic scarf, Peace badge, he looked aright hard chap
When he arrived he was dismayed at the protests composition…
The boys wore ORANGE, and were AGAINST the Parades Commission!

Now Willie Rimes for all his crimes, he payed for them all in the next wee while,
There was no photo exchanges, or reunion photograph smile
It took a week to get out of hospital, two hours to get in,
Apparently it took the ambulance an hour just to get to him…

It pays to check politics when families are reunited, Willie wont deny…
Especially when the reunion your invited to is on the Twalfth of July!

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